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CogniLore Information Solutions specializes in content strategy and advisory services designed for reference publishers and other commercial content owners worldwide.

We provide complete solutions to the professional publishing market that are ideally suited to the delivery of legal, medical, technical, and business reference products in digital formats.

Our Values. We are innovative, customer-focused, and transparent. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard and ensure that we respect the content owner, their clients, and their objectives.

Our Mission. We seek to create information systems solutions that will make the flow of reference information seamless, intuitive, and easily available anywhere. 

Our Vision. To strive to create the most efficient content delivery solutions that seamlessly connect content owners and their clients.


CogniLore has spent over 20 years delivering advisory solutions to major publishing clients, associations and institutes, and government organizations. Over this time, CogniLore has executed countless projects focused on creating personalized systems and solutions that allow our clients to deliver content to their clients digitally.


CogniLore Timeline. Peek behind the curtain and discover CogniLore’s rich history. Over the last 20 years, we’ve developed tight relationships, successful projects, and a trademark approach to the way digital content is delivered. Are you ready to make your mark on our history?









André Dubé founds and federally incorporates CogniLore in Ottawa, Canada in March to draw on nearly a decade of experience delivering network, Internet, and standalone content innovations to private and public service organizations facing challenges in delivering increasingly voluminous and complex references collections.

What does CogniLore Mean?

The name CogniLore is selecting as a compound of two words: Cogni inspired from cognition whose Latin translation, cognicioun means “ability to comprehend, mental act or process of knowing, and Lore, which originates from Old English lar meaning learning, what is taught, knowledge, science, doctrine; art or act of teaching.”

May, 2000

CogniLore adds CompliSource LLC as an early major Client and delivers an online system for which allows the Client to rapidly create and deliver customized collections of financial regulatory information for US based Customers delivery financial products related to Mortgage, Auto, Recreational Vehicle and Student loans over the Internet. Built on cutting edge, XML-based technologies for search and presentation, this innovative system allowed CompliSource to rapidly create reference collections for these Clients through a simple online Product Type / US State based selection system.


CogniLore's first year saw explosive growth. The Canadian Department of Justice and Human Resources Development and other notable institutions join the rapidly growing client list.

July, 2001

CogniLore’s André Dubé is engaged by the Management Board Secretariat of Ontario as a member of an advisory counsel gathered to develop the Government of Ontario E-Laws system. In addition to advising on a technical level, Mr. Dubé is also engaged to deliver a feasibility study report to analyze the market potential for E-Laws content within the Legal Publishing market.

August, 2001

Corel Corp, developers of CorelDraw! and the WordPerfect suite added to the CogniLore client list. Corel engages CogniLore to leverage an updated version of the digital delivery technology, now code-named “Project Bungee”, as the engine for its WordPerfect 2002 Suite computer-based training system.

December, 2001

The Canadian Transportation Agency added to the CogniLore client list. The CTA engages CogniLore to develop and implement an XML authoring system and to apply its digital delivery technology as the publishing and distribution engine for the Agency’s Bilateral Air Agreements System (BAAS) – a repository of all international air agreements to which Canada is a member.


The continuing growth allows CogniLore to open the door to a wider client audience. A web-based version of Thomson Reuter's CarswellBusiness: PayrollSource. Disk-based distribution of these publications is ended.

June, 2004

JackKnife project is completed and released as the CogniLore Publisher’s Interface (CPI). Thomson Reuters adopts the system as the front end for the CarswellBusiness products site, which collects access for B2B related products including the Canadian Payroll Manual, HRSource, and PayrollSource products, as well as the newly released eBookshelf, which delivers a growing selection of Thomson Reuters Legal publications. The improvements within the CPI enable Client autonomy for product generation and releases.

December, 2004

CogniLore releases Thomson Reuters’ CarswellBusiness: LabourSource


Identifying a weakness in the ability for contemporary eBook technology to address the volume and use case for reference publications, CogniLore begins development in 2009 of a new digital distribution system that can address these shortcomings and deliver via the web and portable devices alike, including the rumored forthcoming Apple iPad device. The project is codenamed IeBook, short for Intelligent eBook.

April-June, 2012

CogniLore files for Canada, USA, and EU provisional patents in related to key features contained within the IeBook project. Initial version of IeBook technology is released on the Apple App Store as Professional eBook. Publications consisting of federal legislation are released as initial reference content demonstration samples.

December, 2013

CogniLore rebrands Professional eBook to proLibro. The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association selects proLibro to publish the digital version of their publications.


Thomson Reuters chooses to transition all CogniLore developed and hosted publications from the legacy digital delivery system to the proLibro system, extending their reach for their newly rebranded HR Compliance and Éditions Yvon Blais – Solution IQPF publications to native proLibro View based Apps on Windows, iOS and Android, with macOS releases taking place in 2017.

June, 2017

Oxford University Press selects proLibro to publish the digital version of their publications based on critical functionality related to content security, access control flexibility, and advanced user features not found in any other digital distribution system. CogniLore creates an Oxford University Press branded version of the proLibro system under the name OUP LawReader. After a highly successful launch of their initial publication – the flagship Blackstone’s Criminal Practice 2018 legal text – OUP goes on to regularly add key titles to the collection, eclipsing 30 publications by 2022.

September, 2017

CogniLore receives the first Notice of Allowance of Patents related to proLibro technology.


In 2019, Emond Publications, a Canadian legal and educational publisher selects proLibro to replace Adobe Digital Editions based digital versions of their publications – content security, multi-platform availability, ease of use, and online/offline capabilities are key selection criteria. This new platform, under the branding Emond Reader, launches in September of the same year with an initial set of 6 publications. The success of this launch convinces Emond to transition its entire Library to the proLibro system, rapidly growing to over 446 publications and over 100,000 license deployments by 2022.

May, 2020

L&T Technology Services, a global pure-play engineering services company, announced that it served as a technology partner to Canada’s CogniLore Information Solutions enabling it to offer its acclaimed proLibro digital delivery tools for mass adoption by educational institutes and businesses who now face the imminent task of realigning their operations and business model for a “work from home” environment. View Full Press Release

February, 2021

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), an Indian aerospace and defense company, selects the proLibro system for the delivery of engineering and maintenance system manuals for their new Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) system. CogniLore works in partnership with Larson & Toubro Technology Services (LTTS) to implement a system for the automated generation of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) from the HAL S1000D source content collection.

July, 2021

Xerox Corporation selects proLibro as the technology solution to replace the existing technology for the Xerox EDOCs and Eureka Service Engineer’s Technical Manuals Collection. Key factors in selecting proLibro include system security, online-offline capabilities, advanced support for content updates, SSO integration, and full support for the end user feedback and issue/tips features that were made available in the legacy Eureka system – a capability that no other system was able to offer. In February of 2022, the system was launched, providing over 20,000 Xerox and Xerox partner Service Engineers with access to over 100 advanced Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). CogniLore and LTTS work together to implement a DITA based CCMS system supporting automated generation of the IETMs from Xerox DITA based content.


In February 2023, we launched our new website for both CogniLore and proLibro. We happily launched our new websites for both CogniLore and proLibro in February 2023. These websites stand as the link between the past and present of our company and we're excited for you to explore them. Take a look around and discover everything about our exciting digital content delivery platform! Contact us today if you're ready to revolutionize your digital content.

Feb 2023

New Cognilore website launched

Feb 2023

New proLibro website launched

Cognilore Successes

We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the content advisory industry during our two decades in the business – the stats don’t lie. With over 100,000 global users and more than 4,500 digital content collections, you can be sure that you’re receiving a world-class service that will push the boundaries of your content.

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Meet the Team. CogniLore was created more than 20 years ago by a small group of friends that dedicated themselves to helping people adapt their content to the digital age. Now, with decades of experience and a reputation as an industry leader, the CogniLore team is equipped with the necessary skills and talents to revolutionize your digital content.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Andre Dube

Andre Dube is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of CogniLore Inc. Andre is driven by his passion for business and his belief that it is people that form the heart and soul of any organization. This passion has seen him and the team evolve proLibro into the leading platform it is today.

Chief Technology Officer

Spencer Dube

With more than a decade of developing proLibro, Spencer is the key knowledge holder for every aspect of the software development. This makes him perfectly placed to lead the technology to new horizons and push the publishing space to new heights.
Executive Director, Product Management & Client Engagement

Gul-e-Mehr Azeem

With over a decade of experience in the digital space leading client experience, product development, product marketing, planning, and strategy, Gul has worked with multinationals across the globe. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and accessible technology for all.

Vice-President, Government Relations & Communications

Nancy Gauthier

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Nancy has expertise in IT system integrations, project management, distance education, business transformation, vendor management and innovation. Nancy is a certified Prosci change management practitioner.