My Ninety Day Blog

I thought it would be good to capture my thoughts as I approach my first 90 days in my new role at CogniLore Information Solutions. I can honestly say my expectations have been exceeded in every way possible. They say a great company is made with great people. Well CogniLore lives up to that and so much more.  
Every aspect of the business is balanced about the care of people and care of our clients. Going the extra mile to make sure the highest of standards are met and lived each day. A great company isn’t anything without great products and an innovative and a forward reaching roadmap for sustainable growth. CogniLore is no exception. The company and our world leading products have an enormous potential to exceed the most optimistic of market analysts.

2022 has seen some major new global clients join the customer base. We are seeing growth in both the civil and military sectors The only small drawback, and a great opportunity, is that not enough people are aware of the company and our products. This has been my goal for the last 90 days, creating focus on our sales and marketing strategy and putting into action our drive to engage with new clients and partners.

The next 90 days will see us launch our new Website and social media channels. This will allow us to engage with our customers digitally and provide them with a rich tailored service that demonstrates the true power and value of our products and service. We will also be reaching out to new clients via all the main traditional touch points of campaigns, seminars and conferences.

These are very exciting times at CogniLore, with product development leading the way to keep the company ahead of the competition, I am looking forward to meeting new clients and helping them delight and fulfil their customers need for engaging solutions.

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My Ninety Day Blog Every aspect of the business is balanced about the care of people and care of our clients.

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